evening activities

Picking my son up from kindergarten has become the highlight of my day. In the beginning I brought the stroller but we seemed to rarely use it so lately we have been walking home together. Or maybe I should say running, our son loves running and sometimes at night before the sun sets, if my …

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Before my cataract surgery, was it not for my previous experience of seeing, I would have been completely lost as to what the world looked like. I spent my days imagining a third dimension in a 2D world with a few mishaps here and there, like poring water outside the glass. So the first thing …

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What better way to end a beautiful spring Saturday than to, together with my wife and son, enjoy the sun setting over the sea? Well, the only thing I can think of when writing this is watching that sunset while taking photos in a magical place and hearing my son joyfully playing in the sand. …

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no words

Sometimes I find that words can be a distraction when writing. With the view of Mount Fuji still in my mind, and the weight of my son still on my lap, tonight was such a time.

my little assistant

From time to time I have the chance to do some photography work for the wonderful people at Våges in Sweden. Våges is a company owned by four brothers and sisters and they make beautiful and ingenious candleholders. I did a lot of work for them when I was still living in Sweden, but even …

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a photographer in the family

I like to call myself a photographer. Before moving to Japan I worked with photography, and apart from my art photography, I still manage to do the odd photo jobs here. My family aside, writing and photography are my passions in life. I remember when I was a kid and my dad showed me his …

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mount fuji

Living in Tokyo with views of Mount Fuji just a few minutes away, I have become, what I can closest describe as, addicted to looking at the mountain. During summer Fujisan (the Japanese name) is often hidden from view by hazy skies but when winter is here she is almost always there at the horizon, …

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100 days

Children are really celebrated in Japan, a dear friend in Sweden pointed out when I explained about the 100 day celebration for our son. I felt it was a very accurate statement, and I found myself noticing that I had not thought about it myself for a long time – perhaps I have already been …

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shinagawa beauty

Being a foreigner in Tokyo, I have come to know the Immigration Bureau quite well; during my two years here I have already gone there five or six times. And now time had come to visit the Immigration Bureau once again to apply for an extension of my spouse visa. With the Corona virus affecting …

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maternity photo

There is normally not much vacation for people in Japan. This I do not like. But on the other hand there is a lot of red days scattered around the year, making long weekends something of a not so unusual golden lining to everyday life. This I love. So Monday was day off. Sunday was …

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