good old days

As if our world was not changing fast enough with a three year old toddler keeping the pace, my wife and I decided to throw in a little bit more change. We had thought our choice of Kindergarten for our son was a good one, we had made several visits, tried it a few days […]

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special guests – finally

Finally, after three years of corona and difficulties traveling, my mum and dad could make it to Japan to visit us! For our little family it is a dream come true to have Swedish grandmother and grandfather here, and through the pandemic, while hoping for the day they would arrive, my son and I have

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hello kitty

Hello Kitty is a popular cartoon character in Japan. She has got her own theme park in Tokyo. And since 2018 there is even a Hello Kitty Shinkansen, running between Fukuoka and Osaka on an almost daily basis. I learned about the existence of the train a year or so ago when my son started

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and more trains

When I ask my son what he would like to do today if he could decide all by himself, he normally gives me one of two answers. The first is to go on a bicycle trip. Where, I ask him. Imajuku, he says. Imajuku is where we live, so then we take a ride to

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After having been to Sweden, going by train and bus and airplane, my son was so enthusiastic about public transportation that we decided to go on a little train ride in Fukuoka. He loves his trains and on the local train to downtown Fukuoka he wanted to get out of the pram and proudly sat

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