worldview – part 1

It is amazing, the way small children see the world. And the way they express what they see. My son can take me from upset to wonder in a matter of a few words. We sit and have lunch and he decides that he wants to put anything that can fit into his cup with […]

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arts and cratfs

My little boy has really started to enjoy exploring different ways of expression, and I am so happy that the things we can do and explore together become more and more numerous. At home we have started to enjoy water colors in addition to crayons, and also my baby has become interested in sewing. We

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magic happens

Sometimes I wonder if there is a kind ghost living in our house or if our baby has some kind of special powers. A little red wooden toy car had been missing for weeks. I had been searching for it everyone including the bathroom and I was convinced that it must have somehow ended up

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seaweed saves the day

I like the image of eating with your five senses – we try the best we can to make meals for our son that are not only appealing in flavor, but also have an eye-candy property as well as pleasant smell, touch and sound to them. I admit, more often than not, we are not

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everyday beauty

Tonight my son fell asleep lying on my chest; I cannot imagine anything more beautiful. His whole existence is beautiful – the pure innocence of a child. The trust he puts in us without even thinking about it – I was lying in bed thinking of what I possibly could have done to deserve it, to

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triple punched

Times are changing; when starting to write this I feel like this will probably be my shortest blog post so far. Why? Because of a recent triple punch on my stamina (catch up on another triple punch story here). It all started when my wife was going to Tokyo and left my son and me

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I have never seen our son as happy as the past week. His cousins and uncle came to visit us and it was like a new bigger world suddenly opened up to our boy. Not being stuck with his dad all day, but instead having two children giving him their complete attention made him grow

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Hanami, 花見, literally meaning flower viewing but mostly used for cherry blossom viewing, is I think one of the most popular and favorite past times in Japan; this season everything has the cherry theme, from coffee to sweets to clothes, and everywhere there is a cherry tree, people are stopping and taking photos of the

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my little assistant

From time to time I have the chance to do some photography work for the wonderful people at Våges in Sweden. Våges is a company owned by four brothers and sisters and they make beautiful and ingenious candleholders. I did a lot of work for them when I was still living in Sweden, but even

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a sign of spring

The slight shift in in temperature, required to make the air coming in from the sea feel soft instead of chilly, has come. The sun is warming the playgrounds from early morning, and suddenly we start to meet friends that we have not seen since autumn. It is like the children and their parents (for

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a song to the mountains

I cannot get enough of the mountains here in Japan. Every day I feel drawn to them, to see them, to feel them, to walk among them. It is almost like they talk to me through the air I breath, the cold winds that sweep around my face, the dense forests. The air at home when

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