magic happens

Sometimes I wonder if there is a kind ghost living in our house or if our baby has some kind of special powers. A little red wooden toy car had been missing for weeks. I had been searching for it everyone including the bathroom and I was convinced that it must have somehow ended up in the trash and disappeared a late night together with our household garbage. Imagine my surprise when suddenly one morning I come in to the bathroom and find the red car standing there in the middle of the floor. I asked my wife where she had found the red wooden car. I didnt find any car, she answered. 

Fast forward a week or two, and we were searching everywhere for the disappeared little black dicast toy train. I was convinced that it was somewhere in my boys room where I had last seen it, so we searched all drawers, all boxes, behind every book. Finally I gave up. Then before bed when we went o tidy up the room, there on the floor is the little black train waiting for us.

There is as blue train missing as well. I have stopped looking for it, but I will not be surprised if, when going to bed tonight, I find it standing in the middle of the floor somewhere. Sometimes magic does happen. 

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