a swedish househusband’s stories from japan

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Before my cataract surgery, was it not for my previous experience of seeing, I would…

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What better way to end a beautiful spring Saturday than to, together with my wife…

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Since an unfortunate incidence a year and a half ago, my left eye’s vision started…

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opening hours

I always thought that the day had 24 hours, starting at 0 at midnight and…

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hello kitty

Hello Kitty is a popular cartoon character in Japan. She has got her own theme…

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It is happy when rain is a force of joy and not the opposite. My…

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being a dad

Being a Swedish husband and dad taking care of a two year old son in…

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zero energy

A new year and I start talking about zero energy, that does not sound too…

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A photographer, poet and Swedish househusband’s reflections from everyday life in Japan.
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