a swedish househusband’s stories from japan

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We live in a part of the world where seismic activity and volcanos are part…

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peeling eggs

Our son loves his eggs. Boiled, scrambled, fried, omelette, or poached in miso soup – they…

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みどりの日, or Greenery Day as it is called in English, is a holiday during the…

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charlie chaplin

Sometimes there are coincidences that make life happening around me seem almost choreographed, like a…

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The new school year has started and for our son that means that he now…

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sakura 2024

Living in Japan and writing a blog about everyday life here, avoiding a cherry blossom…

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During the school spring break we had dear visitors from Tokyo who used their little…

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spring break

It is one year now since our son started kindergarten. In Japan the school year…

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A photographer, poet and Swedish househusband’s reflections from everyday life in Japan.
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