a swedish househusband’s stories from japan

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no words

Sometimes I find that words can be a distraction when writing. With the view of…

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the sea

Being lovers of nature as well as the old and new world, we are so…

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getting cold

As the the temperature started to drop and the colors of the trees started to…

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arts and cratfs

My little boy has really started to enjoy exploring different ways of expression, and I…

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I never thought that having a little toddler at home would be to have a…

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a magic place

It starts with the name. Raizan, thunder mountain. I cannot imagine a more awe inspiring…

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After having been to Sweden, going by train and bus and airplane, my son was…

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images of sweden

I have only started to collect my impressions of our son’s first trip to Sweden….

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only in japan

With no wife there with us, my son and I still managed to leave Sweden…

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A photographer, poet and Swedish househusband’s reflections from everyday life in Japan.
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