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There is something very meditative in the process of rinsing rice; it is like time slows down, just me and the bowl, experiencing the cold water between my fingers, letting the rice rattle around, feeling the grains touching my skin. And repeating the process, rinse wash rinse – there is something very meditative about rinsing rice. 

Since meeting my wife I no longer do meditation every day; I rinse rice. And I feel so much happier. Maybe there is no correlation, but the two statements are true, uncorrelated or not. Sometimes cause and effect, reason and result, are not important – only the present is. And if the present is rinsing rice, then that is what matters. That is where the meaning of life resides. 

Rinsing rice for my wife has given my life a sense of purpose I have not had before. This website is stories about that life, a life where there is a wonderful wife, a miracle baby boy. And an urge to share the beauty of life as well as all those other times where the sometimes difficult-to-notice-beauty of existence lies in the everyday life of being a Swedish househusband – shufu – in Fukuoka, Japan. 

A photographer, poet and Swedish househusband’s reflections from everyday life in Japan.
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