October 2019

never more

Never more. Today was a nevermore-day, a day I only want to forget. And at the same time a day I really need to remember. Nevermore-days I have reluctantly come to find, are the steppingstones towards a future where I am trying to renew myself, to become a hopefully better version of the human I […]

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Today is Emperor Naruhito’s coronation day. This year is the start of a new era – Reiwa.  Beautiful harmony seems to be the official explanation of the word Reiwa, 令和. Today is the Emperors coronation day and we are at home celebrating nine weeks of pregnancy. Reiwa. The customs of Japan – I find them fascinating. Even

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on rinsing rice

There is something very meditative in the process of rinsing rice; it is like time slows down, just me and the bowl, experiencing the cold water between my fingers, letting the rice rattle around, feeling the grains touching my skin. And repeating the process, rinse wash rinse – there is something very meditative about rinsing

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don’t forget to be happy

My grandmother would have been 100 years old today; how she would have loved to know about the transformation of my life. So much that has changed. So much to be happy about. Don’t forget to be happy too, I keep saying to myself. Early morning we went to our new hospital, and for the

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on miracles

Sometimes a miracle happens. Sometimes, where there was one, there is now two – meeting my wife was just like that. Suddenly, in the amount of time it takes to bow and think that I need to escape, suddenly, in the seconds it takes to feel that if I give in to my fear now

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