dimensions of a toddler

Children’s curiosity never ceases to fascinate me. Neither does the thought process of my son and every time he shares his thoughts with me I feel so grateful. It is exciting to see how his logic is evolving while at the same time being a part of a child’s world where no rules of nature […]

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smoking but no lemonade

Alfons Åberg is one of the most popular children’s book characters in Sweden, created by Gunilla Bergström who sadly passed away three years ago. The first Alfons-book was written in 1972 and I grew up listening to stories about Alfons Åberg, and have continued that tradition with my son who also has come to love

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peeling eggs

Our son loves his eggs. Boiled, scrambled, fried, omelette, or poached in miso soup – they are all delicious to him. He often start the day with rice, some fish or meat and vegetables, together with some kind of eggdish. At first he only wanted to eat the yolk if it was mixed with the white

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take it easy dad

Having an energetic toddler at home I have come to learn, means always being busy (to put it mildly). We have a lot of fun together, playing games, doing puzzles, reading books, doing things around the house like cooking, hanging the laundry, watering the little vegetable garden. We are going grocery shopping, doing small excursions

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evening stories – part 2

Quite often mum is working late so it is only son and dad that do the before-bed-story time-routine together. We normally start with a Swedish picture book, or (as we have done recently) read a chapter from Pippi Långstrump, Pippi Longstocking, the famous and still very popular children’s books character created by Astrid Lindgren. (As

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evening stories – part 1

Every night, our son is looking forward to bedtime. Not to sleep, but to hear me read books and tell stories. When we came back from Sweden I brought a suitcase full of Swedish children’s books, most of which I got when I was a child myself, so now we have a newly stocked library

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parking cars

Suddenly Sunday evening the fever appeared, and in the morning there was nothing else for me to do than to take our little guy to see the doctor. Fortunately the weather was perfect for a walk and my boy lay half asleep in his pram. We had not used it for several months and I

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shhh daddy

Our son is growing fast, although he lost some weight the last months thanks to all the illness he had to go through. But I am sure he will get it back soon since he has found his appetite again. At the three year checkup the other day, we saw that he is well above

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a new normal

It has been a very unusual spring. My wife has a new job, our son has started kindergarten, and my parents from Sweden have come and left. Now summer is quickly approaching and a new normal is lying in front of me, although without me having any hint of what it will look like. Or

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worldview – part 1

It is amazing, the way small children see the world. And the way they express what they see. My son can take me from upset to wonder in a matter of a few words. We sit and have lunch and he decides that he wants to put anything that can fit into his cup with

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being a dad

Being a Swedish husband and dad taking care of a two year old son in a little town in Kyushu, Japan, is as meaningful and happy a life as I could imagine. Sure, an everyday life of caring for a son and home from morning to bedtime has its challenging aspects, some a bit more

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rainy season

It seems to be here – this year’s rainy season. Looking at the weather app on the phone, all I see is rain and thunder ten days ahead. I am sure it will be some blue sky in between the thunder clouds, but the oppressing humid heat will not go away and time has come to

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