take it easy dad

Having an energetic toddler at home I have come to learn, means always being busy (to put it mildly). We have a lot of fun together, playing games, doing puzzles, reading books, doing things around the house like cooking, hanging the laundry, watering the little vegetable garden. We are going grocery shopping, doing small excursions to the beach or the mountains, doing picnics and visiting grandma. Every day there is something new to explore – still a little child but at the same time a big boy who is growing every day with a feeling of being able to do anything. So unavoidably, every day there are situations where two wills are on collision course, resulting in a small frictions of different kinds.

My son has heard me many times asking him to try to calm down, to take it a bit easy, when he gets angry after an upset (I find that I tend to do that when all my usual strategies prove inadequate). Of course it rarely works to tell an upset toddler to take it easy, but at least I have come to know that he understands very well what I mean. This morning, my son woke up early and I went down to the kitchen with him, still half asleep. He wanted to have his morning omelette and so I took out the egg, the milk, a little mixing bowl, broke the egg into the bowl, reached for the milk. And ended up knocking over the hole milk container which fell down on the floor to the sound of me loudly muttering ohnononononono. My son looked up from his toys on the playmat, calmly telling me with his sweetest and most parental-like voice ta det lugnt pappa, take it easy dad.

And I could not help but smile. Thank you so much my lovely son, I could not have wished for a better teacher in life.

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