peeling eggs

Our son loves his eggs. Boiled, scrambled, fried, omelette, or poached in miso soup – they are all delicious to him. He often start the day with rice, some fish or meat and vegetables, together with some kind of eggdish. At first he only wanted to eat the yolk if it was mixed with the white as in an omelette, but lately he has started to appreciate not only the white in a boiled egg but the yolk too. And boiling egg has become a go to way of cooking these last weeks.

Now that the picnic season is here, boiled eggs in different shapes and forms are always a great addition to the rice balls, onigiri – boiled eggs the way they are, sliced in sandwiches or mixed together with pasta to make a tasty salad. We typically boil eggs while we are preparing breakfast or dinner, and my son has become somewhat of a master of peeling eggs. He really enjoys the activity and often asks me when I go to the kitchen if we are going to boil eggs today.

I enjoy playing with my son and his toys, doing games or puzzles or going to the park with a ball and the sandbox toys. But I must confess, things like doing the dishes or cooking together is not only more fun, it also opens up for completely new areas of play that we would not otherwise have explored. This morning my son discovered that if he was careful he could remove big pieces of the eggshell without them breaking, and he ended up looking at them happily. What are you thinking about, I asked him. They look like boats, my son answered. So we ended up making sailboats, sailing on Lake Saucepan in a country called Sink. The capital of Sink is Dirty Dishes, and there lives the Potato Peel people. We both thought it was so fun that we almost forgot to have breakfast.

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