parking cars

Suddenly Sunday evening the fever appeared, and in the morning there was nothing else for me to do than to take our little guy to see the doctor. Fortunately the weather was perfect for a walk and my boy lay half asleep in his pram. We had not used it for several months and I […]

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a birthday to remember

Our son had been excited for weeks about his upcoming birthday. He was practicing holding three fingers up in the air, and he was looking forward to the presents he anticipated he would get. We were planning to have a little birthday party for him, and even the weather seemed promising, so what could go

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a new normal

It has been a very unusual spring. My wife has a new job, our son has started kindergarten, and my parents from Sweden have come and left. Now summer is quickly approaching and a new normal is lying in front of me, although without me having any hint of what it will look like. Or

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Since an unfortunate incidence a year and a half ago, my left eye’s vision started to slowly but surely get bad. The eye doctors told me I would need a cataract surgery sooner or later, and I was planning on waiting until our son started kindergarten before doing any surgery. But suddenly, a month or

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a spoon full of love

I have been struggling with a persistent case of sinusitis for quite some time. It was the first time in my life to experience sinusitis and I still have the pain below my eyes. My wife had been reading up on what to do at home to make recovery quicker, and one suggestion was to

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the second time is the charm

Even though I met my wife four years ago and have been living in Japan more than three, even though I feel more at home here than I have ever felt and slowly but surely get a deeper feeling for the way things are done in Japan, there are still things in every day life

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young trauma

With eight teeth in his mouth it had become time for our son’s first visit to the dentist. We had a very good image of our chosen dental clinic – it is a children’s only clinic and we had to wait almost two months for our appointment since it is very popular with so many good

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a future career

Moving to a new house has meant a lot of IKEA furniture. Coming from Sweden and moreover from a town very close to the first IKEA store, I have grown up with IKEA furniture so using the hex key to assemble a bed or a set of drawers makes me feel like I am back

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my swedish wife

Lagom is a very useful Swedish word. It means something like “just right” – not too much, not too little, actually not too anything, simply lagom. When my wife asked me tonight how much rice I want, I said lagom. When my wife asks me how big piece of birthday cake I want, I say

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Whether it is my age or the humid summer in Japan I do not know, probably a bit of both, but since moving to Tokyo I have come in contact with skin problems I never had before. Those and the accompanying visits to the doctor, together with all the hospital visits that having a baby

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