a birthday to remember

Our son had been excited for weeks about his upcoming birthday. He was practicing holding three fingers up in the air, and he was looking forward to the presents he anticipated he would get. We were planning to have a little birthday party for him, and even the weather seemed promising, so what could go wrong? Sickness of course.

He had been struggling with fever for quite some time with sleepless nights and coughing, and on the morning on his birthday he told me about pain in his ear, so just in case we went to the kids clinic after breakfast. The doctor said that the ear looked quite infected and advised us to see an ear nose and throat specialist. So that is where we went in the rain in the afternoon and when my little boy’s ear was examined, the doctor said that it was a serious infection and recommended to clean out the infection using a needle.

It was painful to see my little one with his whole body restrained getting his ear pierced. He was looking a me with pleading eyes and I cannot remember when I felt more helpless. Fortunately it was quickly over and as soon as the worst pain had subsided my son got to focus on his birthday presents that waited for him at home.

It was not at all the birthday we had planned for. Even the cake did not get baked so we ended up with a little piece of chocolate cake from a patisserie close to the clinic. But all in all my son seemed a bit relieved and he was happy with his presents and could sleep quite well that night.

Now he is three years old. What a three years it has been, gone like a second and still I can hardly remember what life was before he was born. You are so loved my son, and I am more grateful for your existence than I can ever express. Thank you for being here with us.

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4 thoughts on “a birthday to remember”

  1. Johanna+Jormfeldt

    Three years! What we see on the photo to the right is a young man in a Tomica T-shirt. It is a pleasure to get the opportunity to follow him growing, though I am on the other side of the world. Thanks for these wonderful blog posts. / Johanna

  2. Gunilla Carlsson

    Fina bilder på en livfull och glad gosse. Hoppas han snart är helt frisk igen.
    Idag har vi sett ytterligare många härliga foton från Japan och serverats finaste sommarfika hemma hos Hélène och Lasse i trädgården. Underbart för dem att fått se er på plats i nya huset och följa ert vardagsliv och titta på allt vackert i omgivningarna. De lyste i deras ögon när de berättade. Önskar dig och familjen en fin sommar❣️🌸☀️🌸

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