June 2023

good old days

As if our world was not changing fast enough with a three year old toddler keeping the pace, my wife and I decided to throw in a little bit more change. We had thought our choice of Kindergarten for our son was a good one, we had made several visits, tried it a few days […]

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shhh daddy

Our son is growing fast, although he lost some weight the last months thanks to all the illness he had to go through. But I am sure he will get it back soon since he has found his appetite again. At the three year checkup the other day, we saw that he is well above

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wooden anniversary

It is five years since that Sunday when my wife and I, hand in hand, went down the dark stairs to enter the basement of the Setagaya Ward Office and get married. I remember us standing at the top of the stairs, looking down, seeing the pipes on the wall going down into the basement,

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a birthday to remember

Our son had been excited for weeks about his upcoming birthday. He was practicing holding three fingers up in the air, and he was looking forward to the presents he anticipated he would get. We were planning to have a little birthday party for him, and even the weather seemed promising, so what could go

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