December 2020

a trip to sweden

In times of Corona, when traveling is off the table but still the urge to visit Sweden is great, what do you do? Visit the shining magical Christmas splendor of the Swedish Embassy of course. Though that sounds a bit more romantic than it was. And the reason we went there was not because of […]

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winter is come

I am bemused by the way winter is perceived in the not so cold parts of Japan. Sometimes I feel like an alien who landed on a planet where I admittedly recognize the climate of my home planet but where the concept of seasons and what they mean seem to follow a different set of

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easy even for dad

Since our son now is old enough to start to eat normalish food, we got a pamphlet in the mail with some easy recipes and tips for how to prepare and cook home made baby food. On the cover of the pamphlet it says easy even for dad, which made me laugh and at the

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bubble bath

Clouds have fascinated me since I was young. I liked finding animals in the cumulus clouds (actually I still do), seeing their shapes, watching them move over the sky, putting faces on them. As I grew older I started to find stillness and peace from looking at the grey skies or watching streaks of white

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