it all turned out to be pancakes

After months of waking up and still half asleep making a perfectly beautiful omelette for my son, I felt like quite the omelette master. Break an egg, add some milk and spices and stir while the frying pan with some rapeseed oil is getting warm, pour the mix into the pan, lower the temperature, wait a while and flip it over. And voilà, a small round golden omelette.

Then suddenly one day, I made a complete mess of the omelette. I could not turn it over and I ended up making some kind of scrambled eggs instead. One time is no time I told myself, and the next day I tried my hand on making omelette again. With the same result. One time turn to two and to three and four and suddenly I had become unable to make a single beautiful omelette. Det blir bara pannkaka av alltihop, I said to myself in Swedish – it all turns out to be pancakes, a Swedish saying, expression meaning that it is a complete failure.

I have tried to think of why – how come I have over-night lost my ability to make omelettes? Is it the eggs that are different? Is the coating of the pan no longer there? Is the spatula getting old? Or is it just me who have had some sudden omelette-making-related-incident happening to me? Still I have no answer. And still I cannot make beautiful omelettes any more. Maybe I need to try my hand on making Swedish pancakes instead, I have not done it in a long time, not to mention it would go very well with the saying.

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