the small joys of life

I try to notice and find happiness in the small things. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is easier to overlook the little joys and only see the little misfortunes. And sometimes there is a small small piece of beauty that shines stronger than the midday sun on a hot summer’s day. Lately, I have […]

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there is always a story

Sometimes when I start to think about what to write in the next blog post, I feel empty, like there is nothing to say, nothing that makes sense to make a post about; this feeling was stronger than ever this week. Thinking about Ukraine, feeling completely under the weather for a few days after having

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an ordinary wednesday

Lately I have met challenges that really has forced me to bring out every ounce of creativity and patience that I have been able to find. My son is so curious, he is quite independent and he has the will of his mother, so as soon as the day starts, I start trying to balance

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after the bath

I have vivid memories of my grandmother washing clothes in the sea during our long school holidays that we spend at her summer cottage. It was in the north of Sweden, and the sea water was still beautifully clean although she was very vocal about the industries polluting the sea – that was forty years

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These days, in times of social distancing and pandemi coping strategies, washing hands is a topic constantly talked and written about; in the news, among friends and family, on noticeboards and in bathrooms (I even saw a youtube video of the Governor of Tokyo showing people how to wash their hands, which impressed me greatly).

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washing machine rant

Ok, it was inevitable that someday I would write about my number one complaint with Japan (come to think of it I actually have a few, but let me focus on this one for now). It was inevitable and apparently today is that day. In the train station there is a new commercial for washing machines

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