Apples. I do not eat apples. I am allergic to apples. I like apples but I cannot eat them. They mess with my stomach. Last time I ate apples was in Sweden, I was invited to potato salad. And when I tasted apple in it, I was too coward to leave the potato salad on …

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on habits

When does something become a habit? After one time? Hardly. Two times? Three? Five or ten? Does it even matter? Not really I think – it is all about feelings. So when I feel like it has become a habit to every night prepare the rice for the morning. And then in the morning make …

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don’t forget to be happy

My grandmother would have been 100 years old today; how she would have loved to know about the transformation of my life. So much that has changed. So much to be happy about. Don’t forget to be happy too, I keep saying to myself. Early morning we went to our new hospital, and for the …

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