japanese food

hot tea

I had almost forgotten how wonderful it is to drink a hot cup of tea (or several) in the evening after my son has gone to sleep. During the long hot Japanese summer, drinking hot tea has been the last thing on my mind (although for hot coffee, somehow there is always a time and […]

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the singing rice fields

Already a year has past since I in front of an open window enjoyed the rice frogs sining in the rice fields for the first time. And this year I have so come to love these fields – they feel like home. From the window I have been following them going from brown patches of dirt

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eggs in the garden

In front of our house, we have a little vegetable garden. Or maybe that is a bit too much to say – we are planning to have a vegetable garden; so far we only have one kind of vegetables, two okra plants that my mother-in-law planted for us the first week after we moved in

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lesson from a baby

From not really knowing how to open his mouth, to opening and swallowing the offered food like a hungry baby bird – our son has gone from beginner to master at eating in two short months’ time. His eyes start shining when he sees his little bowl and spoon coming towards him and he starts

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