November 2022

no words

Sometimes I find that words can be a distraction when writing. With the view of Mount Fuji still in my mind, and the weight of my son still on my lap, tonight was such a time.

the sea

Being lovers of nature as well as the old and new world, we are so fortunate in where we live. While a shorter walk takes us to the train station or the shopping center, a short bicycle ride takes us to the nearby beach and mountains. And a thirty minutes drive will let us reach …

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getting cold

As the the temperature started to drop and the colors of the trees started to shift towards the warmer tones of the spectrum, I started to plan our nature outings to enjoy the colors of autumn. However, the autumn colds has coincided with the colors so my son and I have had to postpone our …

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the world of thomas

A year ago I had never heard of Thomas the tank engine, as far as I remember. Now I am familiar with not only Thomas but many of his friends thanks to my son. He tells me about James and Percy and Hiro and Rebecka, and his Thomas puzzle we bought last week has already …

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