the sea

Being lovers of nature as well as the old and new world, we are so fortunate in where we live. While a shorter walk takes us to the train station or the shopping center, a short bicycle ride takes us to the nearby beach and mountains. And a thirty minutes drive will let us reach deserted beaches, mountain temples, waterfalls as well as IKEA and downtown’ Fukuoka. Somehow it feels like all we can ask for is in our backyard, apart from people we love who are scattered around the globe.

The other evening when there seemed to be a particularly beautiful sunset, we took a car trip along a scenic road in Itoshima. Going towards the setting sun, the thousand meters high mountains in the distance were shimmering in white. I felt like I was on a vacation in a far away country, before realizing that I am actually living there, in a country far far away from what I was previously calling home. After a while we reached the sea and the road followed the coast letting us enjoy the setting sun over the ocean.

With a few minutes to spare, we parked the car and made it to the beach to sea the sun disappear as a red glowing ball slowly hiding behind the world. My son was so excited and wanted to touch the water. I had forgotten his shoes so I was holding him while he was letting his fingers play in the water, happily laughing.

On the way back the white mountains had turned black and our son was sleeping in the car. It was just one of those beautiful evenings to remember in our little corner of existence.

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