getting cold

As the the temperature started to drop and the colors of the trees started to shift towards the warmer tones of the spectrum, I started to plan our nature outings to enjoy the colors of autumn. However, the autumn colds has coincided with the colors so my son and I have had to postpone our excursions and focus on getting well.

I cannot count the number of times our son has got a cold since he was born. I hear that it is supposed to be a good thing, and while I do believe that I also dread a bit the weeks when he is sick and we are stuck at home, especially so since I tend to pick up his colds as sure as I pick up my camera if I see a beautiful autumn tree. I cannot remember getting so many colds before becoming a father. Our son get a runny nose and a few days later I follow suit. Fortunately my wife seems to not be so prone to getting our son’s colds, so while mum was working, the boys tried to keep the spirits up and do all those things that otherwise would not fit our daily schedule, like cleaning the shoes cabinet, arranging the wardrobe and reading too many books too many times. And instead of going to “exotic places” like the nearby mountains or sea, we were trying to enjoy the autumn colors in our little neighboring forest.

As soon as we got well though, we took a family trip to the activity center in the mountains, and there we could finally enjoy a bit of autumn together. (And as for picking up my camera, it was my son who used it all afternoon.)

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