January 2022

the art of punctuality

Before meeting my wife, I always thought of Japan as a country where punctuality was deeply embedded in society, the image of trains always leaving and arriving on time being the prime example. Coming from Sweden where a train arriving on time is a bit of an oddity, together with my affinity for punctuality, Japan […]

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growing up

Getting older with a small child in the house is like getting the chance to once again grow up, to explore the world and see the universe with eyes not affected by the life lived. Almost everyday I marvel at the marvel our baby is – as if it is second (if not first) nature

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two years and counting

Now it is two years since the first case of the new corona virus was detected in Japan; never had I believed two years ago that we would again find ourselves in a situation where the case count is going up and up, where the vaccines are not effective enough and the news is filed

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a new child

Never did I think that suddenly there would come a new little life into our world; we have a small piece of soil, maybe a meter wide and a few meters long, between our parking space and the house and this little unused walkway has now become our little Japanese garden. For half a year

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changing times

A new year always puts a perspective on time, I feel. The breaking point that a new year signifies is both happiness and anxiety, hope and regret, new beginnings and old ends. Looking back at the past year, looking forward to the one coming up, thinking about all that we have experienced, have not done,

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