January 2024

back to normal

It has been four years since the mask wearing days started, and thus time for a pandemic year review. Or maybe I should call it a post-pandemic review. The pandemic is supposed to be over, the covid cases are still sometimes reported but little by little life has started to go back to the way […]

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interiors from sweden

When we arrived in Sweden it was already time to prepare for Christmas. Almost as soon as we had settled in, my son wanted to go by himself with grandmother and grandfather to buy a Christmas tree. When they came back they had picked out the most beautiful pine tree and we decorated it with

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What a joy to arrive in Sweden just before Christmas and be welcomed by not only farmor and farfar, granny and grandpa, but also by snow and some proper winter. It has been a wonderful couple of weeks we have spent in Sweden, and I plan to share some impressions in the next few blog posts

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Ever since we last autumn started to talk about going to Sweden this winter to visit farmor and farfar, grandma and grandad, my son has been interested to know more about Sweden and especially where Sweden is and why it is always dark at our place and bright day is Sweden when we are doing

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