April 2022

triple punched

Times are changing; when starting to write this I feel like this will probably be my shortest blog post so far. Why? Because of a recent triple punch on my stamina (catch up on another triple punch story here). It all started when my wife was going to Tokyo and left my son and me […]

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I have never seen our son as happy as the past week. His cousins and uncle came to visit us and it was like a new bigger world suddenly opened up to our boy. Not being stuck with his dad all day, but instead having two children giving him their complete attention made him grow

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Hanami, 花見, literally meaning flower viewing but mostly used for cherry blossom viewing, is I think one of the most popular and favorite past times in Japan; this season everything has the cherry theme, from coffee to sweets to clothes, and everywhere there is a cherry tree, people are stopping and taking photos of the

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