a spoon full of love

I have been struggling with a persistent case of sinusitis for quite some time. It was the first time in my life to experience sinusitis and I still have the pain below my eyes. My wife had been reading up on what to do at home to make recovery quicker, and one suggestion was to massage the cheeks and areas below the eyes and make them warm. The other day she suggested we use a hot spoon and then she gently massaged the areas under my eyes using the spoon. Our son stopped playing and looked at us with a worried face, so I explained to him that his mum is helping me with my nose problem that we went to the doctor for. The warm spoon will make it heal sooner, I said. He was listening carefully to my explanation before continuing playing with his toy train, the worriness gone.

Next my wife gave me a little toe massage as some toes supposedly are connected to sinusitis (and actually I have been having toe pain recently). Again our son took his attention away from his toys and watched us a while. When my wife was all but done massaging my toes, suddenly our little boy gets up and goes to the kitchen to open a kitchen drawer. Both my wife and I start to protest but before any words come out of our mouths, our little boy closes the drawer and comes towards us with a big smile and a little plastic spoon in his hand. He then puts the little spoon’s convex area on my toes, my feet, my hands, my cheeks, my forehead, my eyes, before finally going back to the kitchen, opening the drawer and putting back the spoon.

My wife’s care in all its glory, our little boy’s sweetness made such an impact on me. Since then, he sometimes suddenly goes to get his spoon, puts it gently on some part of my body and rushes back with the spoon to the kitchen again. I only hope I am able to express my love to him in the same beautiful way. It is an experience I am sure I will always carry with me.

Thank you my wonderful wife and son.

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