March 2023

worldview – part 2

Whether at home or out and about, my son shares with me what he is seeing in a way that makes me so happy, and I feel so privileged to be able to take part of his worldview. We have a play-at-home day while the rain is pouring down, we find some old boxes and […]

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worldview – part 1

It is amazing, the way small children see the world. And the way they express what they see. My son can take me from upset to wonder in a matter of a few words. We sit and have lunch and he decides that he wants to put anything that can fit into his cup with

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Before my cataract surgery, was it not for my previous experience of seeing, I would have been completely lost as to what the world looked like. I spent my days imagining a third dimension in a 2D world with a few mishaps here and there, like poring water outside the glass. So the first thing

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What better way to end a beautiful spring Saturday than to, together with my wife and son, enjoy the sun setting over the sea? Well, the only thing I can think of when writing this is watching that sunset while taking photos in a magical place and hearing my son joyfully playing in the sand.

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