December 2023

hopes for a new year

We have been very fortunate not to have any very serious medical situations with our son. Still, the most difficult and painful part of being a dad I find, is seeing him sick and in discomfort. I cannot count the number of times he has fallen ill with milder or more sever colds and ailments […]

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problem solving

Our son loves bread. Any chance he has he wants to eat bread, if possible with a slice of cheese (but no butter, he does not like butter). When I ask him what he wants for snacks to bring to kindergarten, he often says bread and banana. His love of bread has become quite well

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the small joys of life

I try to notice and find happiness in the small things. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is easier to overlook the little joys and only see the little misfortunes. And sometimes there is a small small piece of beauty that shines stronger than the midday sun on a hot summer’s day. Lately, I have

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enjoying autumn – part 3

In our little garden we have a Japanese maple tree, or momiji as it is called in Japanese. It is my favorite tree, I adore the small star shaped leaves that shift from green to orange to the most intense shade of red in autumn. Coming home after having picked up my son from the

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enjoying autumn – part 2

When our son was born he got a kimono from my wife’s aunt. It is a kimono that is often used when a family goes to a shrine in November to celebrate their son’s health and well being (a Japanese rite of passage called shichi-go-san named after the age seven-five-three when children are celebrated like this, boys

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