November 2020

a note of thanks

Soon winter is here and our son turns six months. It has been a life changing year since I started this blog and looking back, thinking about all that has happened in my life, I see so much to be thankful for. So today’s post is a little note of thanks. First of all I […]

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talk about responsibility…

Tonight it occurred to me that I am the only one speaking Swedish in our everyday life. It sounds silly when I put it like that, of course I have been very aware ever since I moved to Japan, and even more so after the corona pandemic made it difficult if not impossible to meet

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after the bath

I have vivid memories of my grandmother washing clothes in the sea during our long school holidays that we spend at her summer cottage. It was in the north of Sweden, and the sea water was still beautifully clean although she was very vocal about the industries polluting the sea – that was forty years

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One of the cultural challenges I experienced when moving to Japan was when visiting the post office. I could not speak much Japanese, and they could speak no or very very little English. Add to that the need to fill out form after form when sending parcels or express documents to Sweden, and we have

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