a note of thanks

Soon winter is here and our son turns six months. It has been a life changing year since I started this blog and looking back, thinking about all that has happened in my life, I see so much to be thankful for. So today’s post is a little note of thanks.

First of all I am so grateful for having been given a second chance in life with an absolutely wonderful wife and son – words are not enough to express my love to them and the gratitude I feel towards my wife. Fortunately I am in the happy position to be able to try to show them every day, and I count myself really really lucky to be able to have a life with them here in Japan.

Having just become a father, I am so thankful to my extended family and friends for their support and encouragement and love. Even if the corona virus has made life different beyond recognition, I have been able to enjoy having you in my life. Furthermore I am very grateful for feeling so welcome in this country far far from my old home.

I could make my gratitude list long, but I will settle with a final thank you to you readers of this blog. However many you are, whoever you are, wherever you are, I am deeply grateful for and very humbled that you want to use your time every week to read a little story from a shufu in Japan.

Thank you.

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