May 2023

evening activities

Picking my son up from kindergarten has become the highlight of my day. In the beginning I brought the stroller but we seemed to rarely use it so lately we have been walking home together. Or maybe I should say running, our son loves running and sometimes at night before the sun sets, if my […]

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a new normal

It has been a very unusual spring. My wife has a new job, our son has started kindergarten, and my parents from Sweden have come and left. Now summer is quickly approaching and a new normal is lying in front of me, although without me having any hint of what it will look like. Or

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evening stroll

We almost made it all the way home from kindergarten the other day when we met our very nice neighbor out walking her dog. The dog is old and gentle and my son has grown very fond of him, and our neighbor lets my son hold the leash whenever we meet them. This day my

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