December 2019

today I am angry

Today is my birthday. And I am angry. I am sure there is some connection, but today I am just… I am simply angry, angry at people. And a little bit at my wife too. Those morning commutes on an overly surrealistically crowded train, where young people sit on priority seats, sleeping, playing games, ignoring […]

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on clarity

Today, the air seemed unusually clear; like the mountains in the distance suddenly had moved closer to Tokyo. But then, clarity always has that special power of cutting distances in halves, breaching voids that previously seemed unbreachable. A clear thought, untainted by the past, open to all possibilities, unattached to a predetermined outcome, connected to

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December is always so special. Winter is coming, the beautiful autumn colors are replaced by beautiful trees filled with LED-lamps. In Omotesando the lights in the trees are even dancing to music – it is easy to sense the magic of being alive in a beautiful part of the world. The cool air, the lights,

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wax dolls

My wife says I am a professional shufu. Even though I do not really have proper training and often I feel like a true beginner. But of course I am a beginner – everything here in Japan is so different from what I am used to from Sweden. But at the same time it is

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