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My little boy has really started to enjoy exploring different ways of expression, and I am so happy that the things we can do and explore together become more and more numerous. At home we have started to enjoy water colors in addition to crayons, and also my baby has become interested in sewing. We made a little hobby kit with a needle-like plastic tip connected to a string, and then he was collecting penne pasta on the thread.

The other day, when we went for an outing in nature at the close-by nature activity center, I saw a sign informing us that there was an oshibana (押し花 – pressed flowers art) exhibition in the main building. We went there to have a look, and after seeing the different oshibana-creations, a lady asked us if we would like to try ourselves. Thank you, I said, but I do not think we will manage to sit still long enough to even have a chance of trying. But instead of continuing his running around, my son suddenly stopped and walked up to the lady and clearly expressed his strong determination to try his hand on some oshibana.

We sat down and were presented with a tweezer and a plate of dried pressed flowers, and my boy selected a few flowers that we placed on a little piece of paper, and when he was done the kind lady laminated it for us as a bookmark. It was a very happy little boy that left the exhibition, waving goodbye to the ladies at the reception desk. And they seemed equally happy to have met my little artist.

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