enjoying autumn – part 1

I have probably said it many times already on this blog, but I cannot keep myself from saying it again – I just love autumn in Japan. The colors, the skies, the way the wind feels on the skin, the sun shining at an angle, shining trough the leaves making them sparkle in all shades of gold. It is really beauty to be found everywhere, and especially so around the temples and shrines that are often standing together with Ginko trees and Japanese Maples. No autumn is complete without at least a few outings in nearby nature in company with my camera. This is as true now as it was when I lived in Sweden, with the difference that apart from my camera (often being my iPhone these days) I now also want to bring my little family.

A particularly pleasant afternoon I took the bike and went to pick our son up from his kindergarten instead of waiting for him to come home by bus. He loves his pick-nicks and I thought it would be a happy thing for both of us to have a little pick-nick in the mountain side park on the way home. And it sure was! We had the big park to ourselves and after playing in the jungle gym we had our snacks while watching the sun shining through the Ginko leaves.

Autumn is also extra special for us since my wife and I met a beautiful autumn day and enjoyed our first time together exploring Tokyo and the colors of autumn. Every autumn since, we have continued to make it a point to, surrounded by autumn beauty, celebrate our fortune and anniversary of meeting. Five years ago we had a photographer take photos of us dressed in kimono. It is such a delightful memory. I remember one photo in particular, were we stand in front of a heart-shaped assembly of leaves.

This year we had help from another photographer, namely our son who took a lovely photo of us in front of another heart of leaves at my favorite spot in the world, Sennyoji temple situated on the side of Raizan, thunder mountain. Another wonderful day to remember.

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