hair dye

wife 2.0

Ever since I met my wife she has has long hair with various degrees of hair dye. At first she had a bit curled hair in a brownish tone. Later she went towards black and straight before getting pregnant and therefore letting the gray hair she wanted to hide grow, (much to my appreciation and …

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bravery and trust

For over one year I have had the privilege to admire my wife’s beautiful grey hair come out of hiding, centimeter by centimeter (you can catch up on another grey hair story here). I have also had the honor to witness her, with the gray hair associated, bravery; while I have enjoyed seeing my wife’s …

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grey hair

On the train today we managed to get a seat for my wife. I find that holding her bag with the maternity badge up in front of me increases the chance of someone obliging, offering their seat to my wife. So my wife was sitting and I stood in front of her, looking at her. …

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