on change and reality

Getting used to changes, I find more and more, is like climbing over the threshold of friction and then keep moving; the effort required to make change happen, to overcome the urge of wanting everything to stay the same, is the force required to make an inert object start moving and once overcome, once the …

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If you commute long enough it is inevitable to start recognizing the people on the train. We are following our habits, and our habits have the habit of placing us next to one another time and time again. So there is the man with a broken arm often occupying a corner priority seat. Then there …

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on habits

When does something become a habit? After one time? Hardly. Two times? Three? Five or ten? Does it even matter? Not really I think – it is all about feelings. So when I feel like it has become a habit to every night prepare the rice for the morning. And then in the morning make …

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