It is happy when rain is a force of joy and not the opposite. My son cannot wait for the rain to come. And as soon as he sees the raindrops on the ground outside, he wants to put on his rubber boots and play in the puddles. I try to teach him patience, that in order for there to be puddles we have to wait for the rain to fall in peace for quite sometime, and then, when we can see the water collecting on the road, then it is time to go outside. Ok, he says, and wants to put on his boots right away.

When we finally make it outside, my son cannot contain his excitement as he runs towards the puddles. And well there, he starts to jump and run with the most concentrated face before looking at me with the biggest of smiles as he wants me to join in the puddle jumping activities. When he has gotten all wet and cold he wants to go home and eat ice cream of all things. Ice cream and water play – a part from a Shinkansen train ride, that is as happy a day as can be for my son. And hence for me too.

Next week we will take the train.

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