only in japan

With no wife there with us, my son and I still managed to leave Sweden and get back to Japan safe and sound. He was sleeping a lot, so I was having a lot of time admiring the ceiling of the airplane. All those little LED lights in the bluely lit up roof that made me feel like I was flying under the stars. Seeing those stars would probably be the only reason I would want to use this airline again, disillusioned by the flight to Sweden, and I think my son would be happy to never again encounter the baby food he was given. I thought that he would like it, but maybe I should have been a bit suspicious when it was written very very tasty on the packaging. It turns out that the food was inedible to him, so I was glad that I had brought a lot of food along.

When we landed at Narita we were welcomed by my wife who had gone to Tokyo on a business trip and came to meet us at the airport. Being late, there were no flights back to Fukuoka so we had booked a hotel at the airport and before we knew it our son was fast asleep on the bed. And a few hours later, also before we knew it, he woke up at 1 am, all jet lagged and completely ready for a new day. I tried to convince him to lie in bed a bit longer, but he was hungry and had no intention of going to sleep. Instead he started to talk about yoghurt and Tomica helicopters and going outside exploring, so after having finished the yoghurt we had bought at the airport, we took a tour around the hotel.

My son was very happy to be roaming the corridors of the hotel in the middle of he night, and to our joy there was an all night open konbini, convenience store, in the hotel. He was still hungry so we went to buy more yoghurt, and at the counter there was a stand with some small die cast Tomica vehicles. My son convinced me to buy him an helicopter and we spent the small hours of the night in the lobby, eating yoghurt and playing with a toy helicopter.

Only in Japan, I thought to myself, tired but grateful to be home again. Only in Japan.

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