The new school year has started and for our son that means that he now is in his first year of three where he will wear a kindergarten uniform. Our kindergarten has one formal uniform that the children use when they are going to and from school three days a week, and a sports uniform that is used the other two days. The formal uniform is also used at special occasions but for everyday-playing life at the kindergarten, the kids change clothes and have normal no-problem-if-they-get really-really-dirty-clothes.

Last school year our son was wearing a pink hat and a pink apron at his kindergarten, and he has for a long time been looking forward to be able to wear a blue hat like the older kids are, so I have been accompanying a very excited and proud little boy to the kindergarten bus in the mornings this week. With new uniforms and new “rules” and a new routine of taking the bus in the mornings too, there has been a lot to learn for me as well, but I think we will get the hang of all the new routines in a couple of weeks time. And as far as I can tell, the clothes seems very easy to care for when it comes to washing, so hopefully our son will be able to use them for a long time.

Until end of April, there is only half-day kindergarten, so we have had a lot of time in the afternoons to do things together, like grocery shopping, excursions to the beach, visiting grandmother and going to the dentist. We have also had plenty of time to talk about how life is as a young boy who is now considered old enough to wear a kindergarten uniform, and taken together with the joy with which we prepare in the mornings, I believe that our little boy feels more than ready to take this next exciting step on his journey towards the future.

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