morning at the kindergarten – part 1

It has been a joyful couple of weeks for our son at his new kindergarten. He has gotten used to the place, has started to get new friends and has come to love his teachers. His parents have also been so lucky as to be able to share a few mornings at the kindergarten with him.

July 7 is the tanabata day, a yearly Japanese cultural summer celebration (read about it here in a previous blog post). At our son’s kindergarten, the students had a tanabata concert for the parents, and we were so happy and proud and excited to see our little one standing on the makeshift stage with his friends, singing songs and playing with bells, answering to his name and bowing to the audience. I must say it is something special to see your own child standing there, and my wife and I left the concert looking very much forward to enjoying many of those student performances in the future.

Another activity at the Kindergarten is monthly Saturday playdays for kids with their parents. We joined them even before we enrolled in the kindergarten, and have continued to participate ever since. It is a wonderful opportunity to see and talk with the teachers, to experience play-life at the kindergarten and to get a feeling for what our son’s place of “work” is like for him. Apart from the fun of playing together with other kids and their parents, having those days to share also makes it easier to talk to our boy and to understand what he is telling us about his kindergarten life.

The other Saturday we were supposed to be playing with mud outside, but the rain was pouring down so instead the theme of the day became playing with newspapers in the big hall. As it turned out, it is only the imagination that limits how much fun you can have with a newspaper!

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