i am lamp

Our son has really started to show an interest in learning new words, and he understands more and more – when I ask him if he wants to go out in the baby car, he gets really excited and starts to crawl towards the front door. When I tell him that we shall vacuum the apartment he immediately sets off towards the vacuum cleaner. When I ask if we shall turn on the lights he quickly turns his head to look at the roof. 

Quite early he started to say pappa, dad in Swedish (at least I want to believe that he knew what he was saying and not just doing baby sounds without meaning). The next word he learned was gott, tasty in Swedish. He would eat a spoon full of sweet potato and yoghurt mix and say gott gott gott. Now he tries to say yoghurt as well. But his favorite new word in lampa, lamp in Swedish. He is so excited to see me turn on and off the light over the wash basin, and in the morning when he wakes up he wants me to turn on the lamp over the bed. When he is crawling from the living room to the toilet door (something he often does – the toilet is the only unexplored part of the apartment) he always stops below the wash basin, looks up and says lampa

I am so excited that our son is curious about mimicking me and learning new words; there is just one drawback – apparently I am no longer his dad. He has been saying lampa so much that when he looks at me, I have also become lampa instead of pappa. I guess it is confusing for him that the words sound quite similar so I try not to be confused as well, though there is one thing I am wondering about, being a lamp – am I lit? I so really hope he sees me as a bright source of light in his life. 

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1 thought on “i am lamp”

  1. Johanna Jormfeldt

    Haha :-)! Of course you are the light in his life. You are enlightening his view continuously, showing him new exciting things every day. I think yoghurt must be a difficult word for a soon one year old to say, or I might just get confused by the strange spelling.

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