a matter of tissues

Facial tissues are really a thing in Japan. When in Sweden I would use kitchen paper we here use facial tissues. When in Sweden I would use napkins, we here use facial tissues. Facial tissues are everywhere, even in some restaurants you get a package of facial tissues on the table (oh I long for the day when it will feel joyful to visit a restaurant again). With a baby in the apartment I can honestly say that I have become quite addicted to facial paper tissues, and the thought of not having a spare pack at home is almost as distressful as not having diapers.

Tissues are soft for a baby’s face full of carrot and pumpkin purée, paper tissues are soft for a runny nose, so our facial tissues are now having a little beautiful box to live in on our little table in our little apartment. We sold the sofa and sit on the floor so that our lovely son can have space to move around, but the facial tissue box’s existence in our home remains safe. Facial tissues, I could say, have become a way of life for me and with that comes dealing with the stock of tissues we have at home.

When I first moved here, I would discover that the tissue box was empty just as I had managed to spill some soy sauce on the table. I would go to the bathroom, grab a new package of tissues that I hurriedly would try to open so I that could wipe the soy sauce before it had time to make a stain, which inevitably led to the tissue package being crippled in the process, much to my displeasure. This was a process I repeated over and over, until I one day stumbled upon a shufu trick that I am sure is widespread (and that every self respecting house husband or wife knows about), but nevertheless I want to pass on here in case there is someone reading this blog who just like me did not know about this life improving way of handling facial tissues.

Normally tissue boxes come in packages of five. So when I have bought one of these, I of course remove the surrounding plastic wrap, but before stacking them on the shelf I also take the time to carefully open all the boxes and pull out the top tissue before putting them on the shelf. That way they are already ready to use whenever soy sauce is being spilt on the table and the urgent need for a new box of tissues appears. If you have not tried it yet please consider doing so – it really is a such a beautiful every day pleasure to reach for a new package of facial tissues and within a second being able to pull out a clean piece of soft paper.

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