100 yen cuteness

In Japan so called 100 yen shops are very popular. They are stores that sell almost anything you need for your home and most items cost 100 yen. I guess they are the dollar stores of Japan. You can by paper, pens, cleaning and washing supplies, storage solutions and hobby materials. They have office supplies and seasonal festivity decorations, like plastic pumpkins for Halloween and Christmas ornaments at the end of the year. And on and on, it would make a long post if I should try to name all the things you can find in a 100 yen shop. But one more item I must name is poetry.

The 100 yen stores stock a variety of simple bags and cases, and often there is a print on them. I enjoy reading the words when I see one of those bags, and it often gives me a warm smile, wondering if the wording is intentional to achieve cute poetry. I wish I knew who had written the sentences so I could give proper credit, but here they come, my latest collection of everyday cuteness in Japan.

It’s nice weather today!
A path you walk with happiness.
I feel very good when I look at the sky.


Little star

Baby baby I am your tree whole life
together with you watch the sunrise

How time flies
You are forever


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